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Contact info :

FLORESCU ION , str. Victor Eftimiu, N4, B, 10,

Pitesti, Romania 110325


Bank name: ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam,

Sucursala Bucuresti

Bank address: Kiseleff n2. 11-13, sector 1,

Bucuresti 011342

Account number:

RO59INGB0000999900384842 (for RON)

RO69INGB0000999900384856 (for USD)

RO27INGB0000999900427710 (for EUR)


Correspondent bank for USD: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Correspondent bank for EURO: ING Bank N. V. Amsterdam

Paypal account: mirel007@yahoo.com


I prefer paypal as payment methods but you can also send the money into my bank account. I will discuss these details individually.

There are many more things to say so please don't hesitate and send me your comments.