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Date Tournament Player White Player Black Game Replay
February 7th 2004 European Oza Title Tibor Pocsai 6 dan Ion Florescu 6dan pcs replay
February 8th 2004 European Oza Title Florescu Ion 6dan Guo Juan 5 dan pro guo replay
April 21st 2003  Paris Toyota  Finals Ion Florescu 6 dan Geert Groenen 6 dan gro replay
April 19th 2003  Paris Toyota  Finals Mero Csaba 6 dan Florescu Ion 6 dan csa replay
March 2nd 2003 European Ing Finals Florescu Ion 6 dan Catalin Taranu 5 dan pro cat replay
Feb. 28th 2003 European Ing Finals Dmytro Bogatski 6 dan Florescu Ion 6dan bog replay

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