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  • “The great desire of knowing more or getting stronger can be fulfilled only if we can detach from human greed and selfish desires.” My teacher Saijo Masataka (8 Dan) once told me this. He said, “If I think ‘I have to win! I have to win!’ I will surely lose.” Go is not just a game but a way of knowing yourself, and getting stronger means overcoming your weak points as a human being. There are subtle “filters” that are hard to pass during our ascension, but each one of them purifies us.

    Takemiya Masaki (9 Dan) once said: “Go is a gift from God.”
    If this is what one of the top world’s professionals believes then all we have to do is to trust him or to try to find out why he believes so. At any level we can see a large horizon opening before us. We hope that someday we’ll get closer to it, but even from the top of the world it seems to be limitless…

    This page is dedicated to people from all over the world who are looking to understand more about this wonderful “gift from God” and I hope the knowledge I gained during my 39 years of playing Go will help.

    Mirel Florescu 6 Dan

    International Go Instructor- Diploma EN
    International Go Instructor – Diploma JP