I’m offering: private lessons, game reviews and Go camps – intensive study.
Playing is the most important thing and is very good if you can play at least a game daily. Reviewing the games you play helps you even more and the gifted players will reach 1Dan within one year or so.

Another important thing are the “life&death” problems. These help you to read more accurate and to find the best move in a local situation. There are exquisite moves (TESUJI in Japanese) which can often help to avoid disaster. A strong player needs a very good reading.

Studious people are of course adviced to study professional games. You’ll find inspiration there and, more than that , you’ll learn how to make a good plan or how to fight against strong moves. Professionals make a living out of Go so they put all their forces in every game they play.

I can guide you through this wonderful maze and I hope your Go will improve.

We can also arrange matches between those of you who are of similar strength and discuss the games.

I can play with you either even games or up to nine stones and I will comment the games for you. I can also comment your games played with other players if there are questions you want to ask. Beginners are welcome but for advanced players I also have many advices to offer. I speak Romanian, English and Japanese so you can choose the language you prefer during our lessons.

Please contact me for a personalized offer.